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Company Overview

For over a decade Biotique Systems has been helping the biggest agriculture, health care, and diagnostic organizations increase productivity.  Biotique provides large scale application of the latest genetic technologies to solve critical business and scientific problems.   Our product suite and professional services strategically bridge key groups like Research and Development, Commercialization Teams, and Corporate Management that have traditionally been unable to seamlessly share data and expertise. Biotique Systems works with you and your team to implement our intelligent, cost-effective data management solutions. Biotique Systems helps you make more informed decisions and gain greater return on your research investments by providing the right combination of industry proven software, professional services, and customization to meet your R&D goals.

Pharmaceutical, agriculture and biotechnology organizations face complex information management and communications challenges as they attempt to increase productivity and reduce costs associated with bringing new products to market. These challenges include translating investments in various sources of internal and licensed data into promising biological or chemical targets for drug design, diagnostics and crop science. In order to remain competitive, these organizations require an efficient means to share information across an enterprise, manage and compare disparate data sources, reduce complexity and redundancy, and quickly advance promising and validated targets for their discovery programs.

Biotique's pharmaceutical, agriculture, biotechnology and academic customers have adopted the Company's versatile platform to increase return on investment on R&D projects for target and lead compound prioritization using advanced tools for expression and pathway analysis, splice variant and ortholog detection, biomarker and SNP analysis, pathogen reference and other task-oriented operations.

Biotique Systems, Inc. was founded in 2001 as a private company to solve critical scientific knowledge issues. For more information about how Biotique can help your organization increase productivity and return on investment, contact us today.