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Customers & Partners

  Bayer-Schering Pharma
  Baylor College of Medicine
  Benaroya Research Institute
  Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  Duke University
  Environmental Protection Agency
  Fujisawa Pharmaceutical
  Glasgow University
  Harvard University
  Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research
  Johns Hopkins University
  Karolinska Institute
  Korea National Cancer Center
  Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories
  Mayo Clinic

  National Institute of Health
  National Yang-Ming University of Taiwan
  Ono Pharmaceutical
Ottowa Health Research Institute
  PDL BioPharma
  Robarts Research Institute
  Scripps Institute
  Tomy Digital Biology 
University of California Irvine
  University of California Los Angeles
  University of California San Diego
  University of Leeds
  University of Maryland
  University of Southern California
  University of Strasbourg
  University of Tennessee Memphis
  University of Toronto
  University of Ulm
  University of Vermont
  Vanderbilt University
  Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  Yale University