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Health Science

Biotique's suite of solutions can help in the ever changing Health Science industry; from Pharmaceutical and Biotech to Diagnostic and Clinical Research.  As data volumes continue to explode, don't get bogged down simply trying to find a storage solution.  Biotique's patent pending scalable and robust storage and analysis solutions keep your scientists focused on creating knowledge from your data instead of dealing with the headaches of trying to manage it.

Next Generation Sequencing Support
Titan is unique in its ability to handle the huge throughput of today’s DNA sequencers. Biotique is leveraging the latest in Next Generation Sequencing Technologies by using patented database structures to bring transfer realtime data from your sequencers to the scientists.  The seamless integration also extends to your legacy data and Titan delivers all these streams of data to the scientists desktop in minutes vs. weeks.

Give your scientists easy to access public and proprietary data in one location
Titan provides a single reliable point of reference for the corporate target space. IP belonging to the organization, competitors, and subscribed assets are seamlessly accessible and can be viewed in the context of the latest public data.

Microarray Analysis and Support
The latest expression analysis technologies require genomic context to be interpreted correctly. Biotique’s customers typically use a variety of vendors of expression analysis, reagents for validation, etc. Most of these vendors provide a web site where a single analyte can be viewed at a time. BLIS is unique in its ability to integrate assays for most major providers into a single view with corporate assets. Biotique's XRAY enables scientists to do a  Affymetrix Gene Expression Array Analysis.