Key Benefits

  • GenePress helps you share results with colleagues even if they don’t have a GenePress license.
  • Seamlessly upload processed data into the HTBLIS storage and enterprise server for HT sequencing data.
  • Automatic generation of WIG files to view chromosomal coverage in UCSC tracks.
  • Automatic generation of normalized gene expression values at the exon and gene level. 
    These can be used in XRAY or other gene expression analysis applications.
  • Sequencing run quality assurance reports helps identify artifact and/or bad sequence.
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The accessible Excel Solution for Processing Next Generation Sequencing Data

GenePress Overview

Introducing GenePress™ the Module for Next Generation Sequencing Data
GenePress features powerful analysis of high throughput (HT) sequencing data that is available through an accessible and intuitive Excel interface.  GenePress performs secondary data analysis (reference mapping) and quality assurance of even the largest data-sets and prepares results for tertiary analysis (for example: find differentially expressed genes) in XRAY or other expression analysis applications.  GenePress can be used independently or as an XRAY module. In GenePress and XRAY, the display of results are fully customizable and produce publication quality Excel graphs and tables. With the easy to use interface you can be analyzing your data in less than one hour.

GenePress Provides the Ultimate Menu Driven Flexibility

Input: Any one of FASTA, FASTQ, Illumina export.txt, SOLiD GFF results.

Processing: Map sequences to reference genome or use mapping defined in export.txt or GFF.

Quality Control: GC Bias, uniformity of chromosome coverage, uniformity of error by base position and more.

Digital Gene Expression and Chromosomal Coverage: raw and/or normalized. Use with XRAY or other gene expression applications.

Powerful, Fast Performance
Quickly run loads with hundreds of millions of sequences on laptop computers including simultaneous reference mapping, quality assurance (QA) analysis, and normalization on computers with only 2 gigabytes of ram. Excel 2002,2003, 2007 with Windows XP or Vista 32 or 64 bit Apple Mac running Windows are supported.  Example run times:  MacBook with 2Gb RAM aligns a 15 million sequence lane of Illumina GA2 data to the full Human reference genome in 10 minutes and produces QA, chromosomal coverage, and digital gene expression reports in an additional 10 minutes.

GenePress Screen Shots

Sequencing Run QA Results. Each Illumina GA2 lane has between 10 and 20 million sequences. Between 2 and 8 million of which mapped uniquely. GC content is consistent between lanes except lane 2 which shows highly skewed GC content.
View of Chromosomal loss/gain and genome coverage.
Gene Press wizard allows easy set-up of projects.