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TITAN Overview

The latest high throughput sequencing technologies are driving rapid growth in the development of diagnostics, therapeutics and foods for the improvement of the Human condition.  Biotique has deployed TITAN to remove the roadblocks caused by the massive amounts of data flowing daily from the latest sequencers.  Our select partners receive a significant competitive advantage since TITAN allows them to use the latest generation of sequencing technologies in their business critical processes without fear of bottlenecks, stoppages, or spiraling hardware and software licensing costs.


The secret to TITANs success is Biotique's protected intellectual property called Make-Sense, which consists of Table-sense, Salt-sense, Common-sense, and Seq-sense.  All key sense-suite technologies including the ones listed below are patent-pending or part of Biotique systems protected portfolio of intellectual property.

Sense suite enables users to efficiently store, mine, and process practically unlimited amounts of data with hardware of modest cost.  The sense suite offers the ultimate flexibility in workflow and IT infrastructure.  The smallest starter system can be scaled to handle petabytes of information with no interruption in regular operation.

Table-sense: The system allowing the storage massive amounts of biological data in relational (like oracle(tm)) and non-relational (like HBASE, and Cassandra) databases.

Salt-sense: assures that our databases remain healthy and well balanced as massive amounts of data are added.

Common-sense:  Our method of grouping stored objects by association which is modeled on the way memories are recalled.

Seq-sense: Is our novel way of efficiently representing complex relationships in standard databases.

One of the keys to the success of our partners using TITAN and Make-Sense is that they can use the latest enabling technologies with little risk.  Our novel and protected methods are implemented with industry standard databases and computer systems that fall within the skill set of most IT departments. 

Benefits include:

Reduce platform risk.  Users are not tied to one specific brand of processor or storage.  A strength of our system is that our partners can grow their systems to meet ever increasing demand.

Reduce software risk.  The largest makers of commercial database software have become magicians as finding new ways to extract maximum money from customers.  This is done by licensing conditions and by requiring hardware upgrades that do not scale-linearly with data sizes!  The sense-suite pioneered (and protected) the best ways to use freely available clustered databases that companies like Google and Facebook are using to tackle the most daunting problems on the planet.

Reduce vendor and employee risk.  As a business operated as a profitable corporation with no external funding since early 2001, Biotique systems understands the needs of our partners for transparent systems with clear on and off ramps.  Our use of industry standard databases ensures that a large talent pool of workers will be able to work with our systems.

Screen Shots

Illumina Run QA stored in database as long as desired even when erased to sequencer computer disk.