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XRAY Customer Testimonials

“We are delighted to be able to offer Biotique System’s XRAY directly to our customers. Customer feedback shows that this is an intuitive and powerful way in which to analyze Affymetrix array data, offering a higher degree of flexibility and ease-of-use.”

- Greg Fisher, Affymetrix

"I decided to purchase XRAY to be able to analyze my human exon array data myself, without the help of a bioinformatician. The software is extremely user friendly and reliable (I verified my top hits by qRT-PCR)."

- Shalini Oberdoerffer of Immune Disease Institute

"Gene expression analysis holds the key to navigating a wealth of information and I wanted to use expression data in my work.  As a molecular biologist, I didn't know where to start in performing comprehensive expression analysis.  XRAY offered the perfect solution with a step-by-step wizard that helped me set up my project and introduced me to the previously unfamiliar world of expression analysis.”

- Takatoku Oida, Harvard University

"Xray is a very efficient tool to quickly normalize and analyze multiple Affymetrix Exon array data with the rigors of relevant statistical methods. Xray also provides a very user-friendly graphical interface and display for examining potential alternative exon usage events."

- Edward Tom, PDL BioPharma

"We utilize the Affymetrix GeneChip Mouse Exon 1.0ST arrays to examine differences in gene expression and alternative splicing in control versus drug treated tissues. In the familiar Microsoft Excel environment, with a few mouse clicks, XRAY enables us to easily and quickly VISUALIZE the alternative usage of one or more exons in transcripts that differ between control and treatment groups. In addition, we can contextualize our results within the genomic locus via seamless integration with the UCSC genome browser. In our experience, XRAY is indispensable for the analysis of exon array data."

- Dr. Susan Dorsey, University Maryland Baltimore

"We find that XRAY is an intuitive and powerful tool for the analysis of Affymetrix Exon Array data."

- Shrikant Mane, Yale